About the IAEP

The National Association of Government Employees was created on July 16, 1961 at the national convention of the Federal Employees Veterans Association (FEVA) in Dedham Massachusetts. Its primary purpose was the protection of the rights of World War II veterans employed by the Government. At the 1961 convention, FEVA changed their name to NAGE in anticipation of the President Kennedyís granting of the right of collective bargaining to federal employees. The name change was required because veterans cannot bargain with the executive branch. In 1970, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers became affiliated with NAGE, moving it from its Federal focus to a broader union of public sector employees.

The SEIU was formed in 1921 to represent janitors and window washers under the name Building Service Employees International Union. Over time they organized other building workers as well. The union changed its name in 1968 to the Service Employees International Union.

In 1982, NAGE and the SEIU were affiliated. The International Association of EMTís and Paramedics was created as a division of the National Association of Government Employees in 1991 to represent employees in the Emergency Medical Services. This was the first step by NAGE to represent private employees.

Other divisions of the NAGE include: