Weingarten Rights

The Weingarten Right entitles bargaining unit employees to have a fellow employee, or a union representative present, when the employee reasonably believes that discipline may result from the meeting.

For the Weingarten Rights to be invokes, the following must hold true:

If the request representation is granted, the representative is present to help clarify facts, or suggest other information sources. The representative is not there to bargain for the employee.

If an employee is disciplined for exercising their Weingarten Rights, or disciplined based on information obtained in an illegal interview, the employer has violated the act. Remember - the employee must invoke the right.

Invoking Your Weingarten Rights:

I believe this discussion could lead to my being disciplined. I therefore request that my union representative or officer be present to assist me at the meeting. I further request reasonable time to consult with my union representative regarding the subject and purpose of the meeting. Please consider this a continuing request; without representation, I shall not participate in the discussion. I shall not consent to any searches or tests affecting my person, property, or effects without first consulting with my union representative.